The Beginning…we’ll see how far this goes!

I decided to go ahead and start a blog the same night I created my YouTube channel. Since they’re both so new to me, I don’t have a lot going on yet. But hopefully that will change, and SOON!
The whole reason I started my WasianBeauty channel (and blog!) was because of my friends. A bunch of my friends know my obsession with products. Hair products, skincare, makeup, etc. When it comes to topics of beauty, I am the go to person for my friends. When we go out, I’m often the one doing everyone’s makeup and/or hair. I’m also the one they come to for advice on products and techniques when they need help.
I started watching YouTube videos on makeup reviews and tutorials and was INSTANTLY hooked. I started showing my friends (who are not as enthused about the beauty world as I am) and they all encouraged me to start my own. I was resistant to the idea at first. I’m a freelance photographer in my spare time, so naturally, I often see myself behind the lens. NEVER in front. So when the suggestion came, I was unsure. But over time, I watched the other Beauty Gurus on YouTube and realized that maybe I could have a shot at doing well on there, and I love sharing my opinions and tips on makeup and skincare, so finally I gave in. Thus, the creation of WasianBeauty and the WasianBeauty Blog!
Ok, enough rambling for one night! Goodnight, my fellow product junkies!!

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