Short, but sweet!

Hello to my lovely readers!

Since it’s almost 1:30 am, this post is going to be quick and to the point!

My cousin Gretchen and I are both LUSH fanatics (she is more than I am!). If there was some sort of AA meeting for Lushaholics, I would definitely suggest she go! Although I’m sure plenty of my friends would say the same thing about me 🙂 I will admit that I am the one who created the LUSH monster in Gretchen (she had no idea what LUSH was until I introduced her!) Ok, so that’s kind of off-topic…

Anyway! Gretchen and I decided we would do a LUSH order off the website and split the cost of products. This way we were splitting the cost of not only the individual itmes but the shipping as well. So my overall advice? If you want to order off the site, find someone to do the order with you!!

The items we ordered were:

* Canadiana Gift Set – $9.95

* Honey Lumps – $5.95

* Playdoze – $5.95

* Two Timing Tart – $5.95

* Marzibain – $5.95

* Happy Birthday – $6.45

* 17 Cherry Tree Lane – $7.95

* Gentle Lentil – $8.95

Alright, since I’m literally falling asleep at my laptop, I’m off to bed! Check out the newest video and I’ll talk to all of you later!!

Goodnight, lovelies!


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