LUSH Cocktail Series: Cherries Jubilee

Hey readers!!

So this is my first video in my LUSH cocktail series! 🙂 I got requests to do more LUSH videos, so of course, I’m doing just that! I’m going to attempt to do 1 cocktail video a week; let’s hope I can stick to that! Like I’ve mentioned before, the weekends are really the ONLY time I have for filming. So here’s to hoping that I’ll be able to do 1 per week! Shouldn’t be too hard though, because I LOVE taking LUSH baths!

So this particular cocktail involves the Happy Blooming, Butterball, A small chunk of the Big Pink Egg, and Ma Bar. Here are some of the benefits of each of these products:

Happy Blooming Bath Melt
Before Happy Blooming, I was sort of afraid of bath melts. I was afraid there would be some kind of oily residue left in my tub after I use one, but I was wrong! The product itself is scored into thirds, so one merely has to break (or cut) off a piece and use it for 1 bath. Trust me when I say that 1/3 of the Happy Blooming is good enough for 1 bath!! The main ingredients in this bath melt are 50% calamine powder, cocoa butter, cherries and passion fruit. When the bath melt is completely done it turns the water a milky pinky/coral color and leaves your skin feeling amazingly soft and SO fragrant! The smell of sweet cherries lingers on your skin for a very long time.

Butterball Bath Bomb
Funny story behind butterball, it was the first LUSH item that I’ve ever purchased (along with my beloved Honey I Washed the Kids soap!) and I wasn’t too impressed the first time I used it because it wasn’t quite as fragrant in the water as the other bath bombs I had tried. Recently I decided to give Butterball a try again and absolutely fell in love with it! Butterball is a sweet, vanilla scented bath bomb that has ingredients like cocoa butter and ylang ylang that helps to moisturize and sooth the skin.

The Big Pink Egg Bath Bomb Shell
I simply used to add a hint of candy sweetness. I used a TINY chunk from the outer bath bomb shell for this bath so the scent wouldn’t overpower the others. This bath bomb smells like the candy fluff powder (and the new candy fluff mum!) and leaves your skin smelling sweet and candy-like when used as the main ingredient in a bath.

Ma Bar Bubble Bar
This is one of my absolute favorite products from LUSH. Ma Bar is one of the few products that I am consistently stocking up on. It’s the bubble bar that smells like chocolate, toffee, and honey. The main ingredient in this one is the cocoa powder, which gives it that chocolately smell. This bath bomb also contains sweet orange oil (commonly used to destress and lift spirits) and bergamot oil (also used to destress and lift spirits, and it’s good for the skin!).

When I originally did this cocktail, I used the last third of my Marzibain bath bomb. Amazing combination, but seeing that Marzibain is not readily available at all LUSH locations (I bought mine in a retro order I did about a month ago) I subbed it with the Ma Bar. Not an identical scent, but it still had a subtle sweet smell to it!

The combination of these 4 products definitely gave the bath water a distinct cherries and cream smell. The combination of the bath melt and butterball bath bomb made the water feel silky smooth and made my skin feel amazingly soft and moisturized. This is definitely a combo I will be doing again!!

Stay tuned for the cocktail video I’ll be doing next week, and check out the video to see how the cocktail turned out:

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