LUSH Cocktail Series: Pink Lemonade

Hi again readers!

So I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring day! I know I am! πŸ™‚ So this blog post is about my next video in my cocktail series. Pink Lemonade! This particular cocktail involves the Mum Still Life Flower bath bomb, You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt, Two Timing Tart bubble bar, and a chunk of the Big Pink Egg from the Easter products. As promised in my video, here’s a little more information on each of the products:

The Mum Still Life Flower bath bomb:
This bath bomb is only back for a limited time! So if you’re a fan of this scent, I would highly recommend running out to your local LUSH store (or the LUSH website) and picking up a few more! This bomb is full of lemon, bergamot, and sweet wild orange oils for a refreshing citrus scent. As an added bonus (or in my case, slightly irritating) there are marigold and sunflower petals mixed into this bomb, which as far as I know, serve no other purpose than looking pretty in the water. However, in my personal opinion the cons definitely outweigh the pros. I LOVE the scent of this bomb and hope that with the discontinuation of the Happy Pill, that LUSH comes out with another citrus-smelling bath bomb. (For this cocktail, the Still Life bomb can be replaced with bombs such as Supernova, the citrus side of the Happy Pill, and the avobath bath bombs)

You’ve Been Mangoed bath melt:
I have fallen in love with bath melts! They make my skin feel absolutely amazing after a bath! Usually, after a bath or shower I had to immediately use my Burt’s Bees Vitamin E Oil, but with the the use a bath melt, I don’t need to. Similar to the Happy Blooming Bath Melt, the ingredients, avocado, mango and cocoa butters help nourish and moisturize your skin while lemongrass, lime and lemon oils give this bath melt its invigoratingly citrus scent. When the bath melt is completely done it turns the water a milky orange color and leaves your skin feeling amazing.

Two Timing Tart bubble bar:
In my honest opinion, this fruity smelling bubble bar is not a must have. Although the bubble bar smells great (but can be easily be substituted with Creamy Candy or Comforter), the bubbles aren’t as great and fluffy as most of LUSH’s other bubble bars. Two Timing Tart contains coconut cream, which helps soften skin and is actually found in many of LUSH’s other products. It also contains Jasmine and Geranium oils which keeps the bubble bar from smelling too sweet.

Big Pink Egg:
This bath bomb smells like the candy fluff powder (and the candy fluff mum/fluff egg) and leaves your skin smelling sweet and candy-like when used as the main ingredient in a bath or used with Rockstar soap.

Watch the video to see how the cocktail turned out! And keep your eyes peeled for the next cocktail video πŸ™‚


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