LUSH Cocktail Series: Pretty in Pink

So judging by the title of this cocktail, all of you LUSH fans out there already know the 2 main ingredients. This particular cocktail is very artificially sweet smelling. Does that make sense? It has that sweet, sugary, artificial candy-like fruit smell. I can’t quite put my finger on it! This cocktail uses: Big Pink Shell, Creamy Candy bubble bar, and Melting Marshmallow Moments bath melt.

Big Pink Egg bath bomb:
This bath bomb was limited edition for Easter, and smells like the candy fluff powder (and the candy fluff mum) and leaves your skin smelling sweet and candy-like when used as the main ingredient in a bath or used with Rockstar soap. This can be substituted with the Think Pink bath bomb, which has a similar smell 🙂

Cream Candy bubble bar:
This bubble bar is made with vanilla absolute (for the sweet, vanilla-y scent) and contains skin-softening ingredients like cocoa butter (there are literally chunks of cocoa butter in this bubble bar!) and almond oil. However, this bubble bar alone doesn’t leave your skin feeling quite as soft as when you use You’ve Been Mangoed or Happy Blooming bath melts. But it’s definitely a must-have if you like the girly smelling bath products.

Melting Marshmallow Moments (aka MMM):
This bath melt is again, not quite as moisturizing as You’ve Been Mangoed or Happy Blooming, but is still good for the skin. This bath melt fizzes slowly instead of giving off that ring of essential oils as the other 2 do. MMM smells deliciously like a big pink cupcake (or Marshmallows!), and with the use of cocoa butter and almond oil is also fairly moisturizing for your skin.

Check out the video and see how it all looks when it comes together!

Let me know if you would like to see a cocktail made with any other LUSH ingredients! And I’ll talk to you all soon! 🙂


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