Thermal Reconditioning: Longer Lasting Alternative to the Brazilian Blowout

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So I know it’s been a while since my last blog post. Things have been busy with the move and getting settled in. This is my first post living in Atlanta, and I still have a lot to take care of. But for the most part I’m all settled in, job hunting like crazy, and spending a lot of time with my mom.

My mom’s friend is a stylist at a salon in a town near Atlanta where they do the Thermal Reconditioning/Japanese Straightening/Magic Perm/Whatever. Here is a step by step look at how the procedure goes. Please keep in mind that timing on each step is going to differ dependent on the hair length/thickness/texture, etc.

This is what my natural hair looks like. I have been getting the “Magic Perm” done once a year every year since I was 16. And although some of these companies claim that once you get it done, the “already straightened” hair stays straight forever – this isn’t true. At least in my experience over the last 9 years. Like any other perm, the texture of your natural hair comes back until you do the procedure again.

Step One:
Stylist sections off the hair and applies a protein restructuring chemical from the roots to end. This step took about 30 minutes.

Step Two:
The chemically saturated hair is wrapped in plastic and you sit under a heated dryer for about 15-20 minutes until the hair

Step Three:
The protein “restructuring” chemical is thoroughly washed out and then the hair is dried.

Step Four:
The hair was sectioned off again and flat ironed in 1 inch sections. The flat ironing restructures the hair so it’s perfectly straight. This step took about an hour and a half.

Step Five:
Hair is sectioned off again and the second chemical, the neutralizer, is applied to the hair.

Step Six:
After making sure the hair is completely saturated in the neutralizer, I sat under a heated dryer for another 15 minutes.

Step Seven:
The neutralizer is thoroughly washed out and hair is rinsed with a conditioner. Then hair is dried slightly and trimmed (if needed).

Step Eight:
Hair is again sectioned off and flat ironed in 1 inch sections

End result: Lustrous, straight, shiny, silky hair

If you liked my results and are in the Atlanta area I highly recommend this salon and stylist! Her pricing starts around $150 dependent on hair length/thickness/texture. Very reasonably priced compared to most places that start around $200-$300 and go as high as $1,000! 🙂

CNN Hair Studio
940 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Suwanee, GA 30024
(678) 714-3252
Ask for Julie

A Thermal Reconditioning/Brazilian Blowout comparison FAQs post will follow this one shortly!

If you’d like to see video footage of the “Magic Perm” process, check out the video below! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Thermal Reconditioning: Longer Lasting Alternative to the Brazilian Blowout

  1. Your hair is relatively short, so I don't know if you will be able to answer this, but how much damage do you observe to your hair after the perm? My hair is pretty long (it hits my waistband when I'm standing), and I'm worried about sinking the money into something like this and it frying my hair. /scared.

  2. Wow, I'm not sure how I missed this!! Since I trimmed my hair the same day I did the Thermal Reconditioning, I didn't observe any damage. It's been about 6 months since I did the Thermal Reconditioning (or had my hair trimmed), and I still have no breakage and no split ends. As long as you properly care for your hair after doing the “straight perm,” you shouldn't see any or very little damage. Hope that helps! And so sorry for the late response!!

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