FAQ: Brazilian Blowout vs Thermal Reconditioning/Magic Perm/Japanese Straightening

Please Note: I was NOT compensated by the salon for this information or for recommending them. I paid for my treatment as any other customer would, but this is the best salon and stylist I have been to thus far and truly believe that if you are looking for a great salon that isn’t too expensive, then you’ll love them!

The Brazilian Blowout is a styling procedure that has recently blown up with women everywhere. I have been getting the Thermal Reconditioning procedure done once a year every year for the last 9 years and thought I would share with the world some a comparison FAQ between the two. Because in all honesty, I believe the Thermal Reconditioning is a much better “bang for your buck.”

How long does it take?
o Brazilian Blowout takes about 2 hours (dependent on hair)
o Thermal Reconditioning takes about 3-4 hours (dependent on hair)

How long does it last?
o Brazilian Blowout: About 2-3 months (10-12 weeks)
o Thermal Reconditioning: About 6-9 months (24-36 weeks)
 Note: I only do the procedure once a year (every 12-14 months)

How much does it cost?
o Brazilian Blowout: Could be different per salon, but usually around $200
o Thermal Reconditioning: Again, could be different per salon. It can be as high as $300-$1,000 per session (CNN Hair Studio in Suwanee, GA starts around $150 dependent on hair)

Will my hair return to its original state?
o Brazilian Blowout: Yes, after 10-12 weeks hair will revert to its original state without another treatment
o Thermal Reconditioning: Some sources say that once the hair has been straightened, it will stay that way forever if properly cared for. In my personal experience, hair will eventually revert to its original state within 10-12 months.

How soon can I wash my hair after the procedure?
o Brazilian Blowout: Immediately after the blowout
o Thermal Reconditioning: After 48 hours. Also within those hours do not pin/put up hair to prevent any “denting”

What are the results?
o Brazilian Blowout: Frizz-free, shiny hair.
o Thermal Reconditioning: straight, frizz-free, silky feeling and shiny hair.

How is the Brazilian Blowout different from Thermal Reconditioning?
o Brazilian Blowout temporarily rounds the follicle and smooths the hair cuticle
o Thermal Reconditioning physically changes the structure of the hair and uses heat to restructure the follicle.

Check out my last post to see step by step photos of my most recent Thermal Reconditioning experience

If you liked my results and you live in the Atlanta area, I HIGHLY recommend this salon and stylist!

CNN Hair Studio
940 Peachtree Industrial Blvd
Suwanee, GA 30024
(678) 714-3252
Ask for Julie
Their pricing starts around $150 for the “Magic Perm” depending on hair length/thickness/texture

If you’d like to see video footage of the “Magic Perm” process, check out the video below! 🙂


2 thoughts on “FAQ: Brazilian Blowout vs Thermal Reconditioning/Magic Perm/Japanese Straightening

  1. Please tell us the chemical composition of the products used for the Thermal Reconditioning. For example, products used in the Brazilian Blowout contain formaldehyde. Is it the same with the Thermal Reconditioning? Thank you.

  2. Ugh, I am a horrible person for not checking on comments on here!! I'm not an expert on Thermal Reconditioning, but from my research I found that Thermal Reconditioning is formaldehyde-free and uses a combination of heat and ammonium thioglycolate to restructure hair. Hope you find that helpful!! And so sorry for the late response!

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