Get Ready With Me & First Impression: Tarte Gorgeous Getaways (Limited Edition – Ulta Holiday 2013)

So, let’s address the elephant in the room: I’m about 2 months too late with this video. But I really wanted to film another First Impressions/Get Ready With Me video and didn’t have anything new to show you guys EXCEPT for this palette. For those of you that have this palette and haven’t played around with it much yet, this could be helpful! Although I find it doubtful that anyone could keep their hands off this palette for long. I wouldn’t have had I not had the *thing that shall not be named* that’s plagued my eyelid and kept me away from eye makeup for a few months (due to self-consciousness). This could also be helpful for those of you out there that can still get your hands on it. This is no longer available on Ulta’s website, and I have no idea if the stores still have their holiday palettes in stock or if they’ve pulled their stock. But if this is a palette you REALLY want and haven’t been able to find it, you could always turn to Amazon or Ebay and try your luck there. But take that suggestion at your own risk! Use your best judgment and make sure to purchase from a reputable seller.
If you’d like to know what was used in this tutorial, keep on reading. If you’re interested in seeing what I used to put this look together and my overall opinion on the Tarte Gorgeous Getaways holiday 2013 palette, check out the video at the end of this post!

Concealer: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer – NW20
Foundation: MAC Face & Body Foundation – N2
Setting Powder: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – Dim Light
Setting Powder (T-Zone): MAC Blot Powder/Pressed – Medium Dark
Blush: Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Palette – Ambitious*
Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion – Original
Lid Color: Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Palette – Great Sphynx & Santorini bikini*
Crease: Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Palette – Rocky Mountains*
Transition: Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Palette – Grand Canyon*
Outer V: Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Palette – Rocky Mountains*
Lower Lashline: Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Palette – Rocky Mountains*
Brow Highlight: Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Palette – Serengeti sand*
Inner Corner: Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Palette – Taj Mahal*
Tarte Gorgeous Getaways Palette Lipgloss – Czech Me Out
Brushes/Tools Used:
Real Techniques – Expert Face Brush (concealer)
EcoTools – Deluxe Fan Brush (all over powder/set concealer)
e.l.f. Powder Brush (T-Zone setting powder)
MAC 228 – Mini Shader Brush (Outer V & Lower Lash line)
MAC 224 – Blending Brush (Blending/Transition)
MAC 224 – Blending Brush (Browbone Highlight)
Products marked with * = Limited Edition – Link unavailable

I might post another Get Ready With Me using this, but I feel like that might be cruel and unusual punishment since the palette is no longer available. Haha. What do you think? Any suggestions on other color combos I should try out? 

Click below to see my first impressions with this palette!

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