Testing, 1 2 3!!

Testing the twitter feed! Here’s to hoping that this WORKED!

After 2 days of dealing with pesky HTML and trying to figure out this RSS feed thing, my blog is FINALLY up and running. I’ve had a headache for the last day and a half from looking at all that silly internet code nonsense, but hey, ya win some ya lose some, right? At least my blog looks good now! In my opinion anyway! What do you guys think? Just waiting on a blog header from a friend of mine (whom I appreciate DEARLY for helping me with my banner!!), and then my blog is 100% finished. For now! 🙂

Since I just posted an entry on Friday, I don’t have a whole lot to say! This morning I filmed a small LUSH haul that I need to edit and then put up on YouTube. So hopefully it’ll be up in the next couple days. And I have an idea of what my next video for this week might be, if I’m not too tired. I’m trying VERY hard to get at least 1 if not 2 videos out per week. But things at work picked up a LOT with 3 projects running simultaneously. So I’m working between 46-60 hour weeks. NOT fun at all! So, if I don’t get around to my 1-2 vids in a week, sorry guys! You’ll know why!
I was planning on editing my haul from this morning, but I think I’m going to go and take a nice long LUSH bath and relax tonight. Maybe catch up with one of my shows that I missed this week, and then get some much needed sleep. Beauty rest is a must! To function properly at work, anyway. Haha!
So goodnight everyone! I’ll talk to you all soon, but if I don’t get a post up before this weekend, I hope everyone has a beautiful Easter spent with family and friends!

The Beginning…we’ll see how far this goes!

I decided to go ahead and start a blog the same night I created my YouTube channel. Since they’re both so new to me, I don’t have a lot going on yet. But hopefully that will change, and SOON!
The whole reason I started my WasianBeauty channel (and blog!) was because of my friends. A bunch of my friends know my obsession with products. Hair products, skincare, makeup, etc. When it comes to topics of beauty, I am the go to person for my friends. When we go out, I’m often the one doing everyone’s makeup and/or hair. I’m also the one they come to for advice on products and techniques when they need help.
I started watching YouTube videos on makeup reviews and tutorials and was INSTANTLY hooked. I started showing my friends (who are not as enthused about the beauty world as I am) and they all encouraged me to start my own. I was resistant to the idea at first. I’m a freelance photographer in my spare time, so naturally, I often see myself behind the lens. NEVER in front. So when the suggestion came, I was unsure. But over time, I watched the other Beauty Gurus on YouTube and realized that maybe I could have a shot at doing well on there, and I love sharing my opinions and tips on makeup and skincare, so finally I gave in. Thus, the creation of WasianBeauty and the WasianBeauty Blog!
Ok, enough rambling for one night! Goodnight, my fellow product junkies!!